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For recruiters that need a simple and handy assessment tool, we created an online platform, which automates professional skills testing and helps in selecting the best candidates for an interview.

Set the required skills
for a job
Send a link
to candidates
Invite the best
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Key features

  • Creation on flexible assessments for unique skill sets with the help of #hashtags;
  • Analysis and comparison tools for recruiters and HR-specialists;
  • Export to popular file formats including Excel and PDF;
  • Ready tests for a wide range of IT skills;
  • Tools for creating custom questions.

How it works

The project has a growing collection of professional interview questions. Each question can be marked with a number of tags (such as #linux and #support to identify a question that has to do with Linux operating systems and end-user support). To assess the skills of a candidate a recruiter creates a list of desired skills and sets the number of questions in the test. The platform instantly creates a unique test, matching this skill set and generates a link to take it online. The recruiter then can send the link to the candidate, and the candidate then authenticates on the website using his or her Facebook or Linkedin profile. After the test has been taken the recruiter receives a report on the candidate's strong and weak skills, and can review the exam results in detail if necessary.

Why Certificity

Our project allows you to automate screening and assessment procedures and reduce the time investment necessary for the hiring process on the part of high-value employees.