FreeBSD 11 administration certification

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FreeBSD 11 administration


Our FreeBSD 11.x Administration test will help you understand your proficiency with FreeBSD 11.x. This test covers the following topics: Administration, Host-Based Security, Network Services, Networking, Processes, Shell, and Storage. Difficulty level: for experienced users.

Number of questions: 100
Time limit for question: 60 seconds

What device corresponds to the ```/dev/da0``` file?

Choose one:
  • Sound card
  • SCSI or USB disk drive
  • CD-ROM drive
  • webcam

How would you mount a file containing an ISO image?

Choose one:
  • Use the ```mount_cd9660``` command
  • Use the ```mount``` command with the ```-loop``` option
  • Create a virtual disk in memory with the ```mdconfig``` command and assigning the image file as the storage device, then mount it with ```mount_cd9660```

How would you enable the ```em0``` network interface?

Choose one:
  • ```ifconfig em0 up```
  • ```ifup em0```
  • ```netstat em0 up```
  • netstat up em0```

Our certificates

Getting your career started and need to impress a potential employer? We can conduct any of our tests in a manner that will allow us to verify your identity and check that the test result is indeed your own work. If you pass the test, we will issue a certificate just like the one pictured. You will be then able to obtain both an electronic certificate suitable for sharing on Facebook and Linkedin, a corresponding badge on your personal page, and a downloadable PDF version for printing.

Certificate authencity can be verified with a special tool. Simply enter the certificate ID to verify claims of completion.

PDF version:
Online competence badge:
Certified in FreeBSD 11 administration
2017-11-18 #xxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx

Price: $5

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