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For educational institutions that need a simple and convenient tool for assessing students, we have created an online platform that automates the process of examinations and quality control of education.

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What tasks does it solve?

  • Automation of the testing process. Saving teachers' time for mass evaluation;
  • Transparency of passing tests. Test results are available immediately after the test is over;
  • An effective tool for controlling the educational process (tests, analysis on students, groups and teachers).

How it works?

  • Teachers create their tests in the form of a list of questions and answers for further use.
  • Employees of the educational institution create a test plan in the system, using previously prepared tests.
  • Examiners add students to the system and give them unique links (or unique identifiers) to pass the test.
  • Students answer questions from a test plan prepared for them.
  • After passing the test, its results are immediately ready for the examiner and stored in the system for further analysis and use.

Key features

  • Online testing at any time from anywhere. By decision of an educational institution, testing can be carried out both from dedicated computers within the organization, and remotely (for trial testing and for self-assessment);
  • Tools for creating custom questions. Import questions and answers from Excel format
  • Analysis and comparison tools for teachers;
  • Internal analysis tool for correcting questions / answers
  • Convenient searching and sorting possibilities on a large number of examiners
  • Export to Excel, PDF and other formats;
  • Three types of personal area: institution, teacher and student;
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