For recruitment agencies

For recruiters that need a simple and handy assessment tool, we created an online platform, which automates professional skills testing and helps in selecting the best candidates for an interview.

Key features

  • Creation on flexible assessments for unique skill sets with the help of #hashtags;
  • Analysis and comparison tools for recruiters and HR-specialists;
  • Export to popular file formats including Excel and PDF;
  • Ready tests for a wide range of IT skills;
  • Tools for creating custom questions.

How it works

Using #hashtags you can make a unique test formed by ready questions for required skills. For example, for IT professionals in machine learning in Python, you can create a test from three competencies (#python #python/pandas #machine_learning) and the system will immediately generate a link for passing the test, which must be sent to an employee or a candidate

Set the required skills
for a job
Send a link
to candidates
Invite the best
for an interview